Fermented rice water has been the world best kept secret for achieving longer, thicker, and faster hair growth and improves the overall moisturization of your hair while providing proteins that restores the PH balance of your hair. It also prevents grey hair, increases shine, protects hair from shedding, reduces spilt-ends, improves hair elasticities and nourishes the scalp


  • Restores and balances the PH in the hair
  • Protects hair from shedding
  • Reduces spilt-ends
  • Great for all hair types: men, women, safe for kids and it is an all-natural handmade with organic ingredients.


Fermented Rice Water & Fenugreek Shampoo

    • Apply a generous amount to wet hair, lather and massage at the roots to stimulate the scalp 
    • Massage the scalp gently for 1 - 2 minutes, using a comb or detangling brush from the roots
    • Cover hair for 30 - 45 minutes, rince with warm water
    • Pat dry the hair, follow with one of our top of the notch herbal hair cream or hair growth oil 

    Note: you do not have to cover your hair; however, covering of the hair will help seal in moisture, optimize ingredients and provide outstanding results