This powerful deep pore cleansing mask is great for oily, blemish prone or blackhead. It also draws impurities from the skin leaving a smoothe and flawless complexion. Our Charcoal Face Detox will help to draw out and absorb impurities and toxins,while balance oily skin, and leave your face feeling and looking rejuvenated! We have added lemon essential oil to naturally boost antiseptic properties, brighten and even out skin tone. Our powerful moisturising blend is  filled with goodness that will  leave your skin clean, smooth and nourished.


Shelf life: 6 - 12 months


Ingredients: Activated Charcoal, Besan, Koalin Clay, Distilled Water, Glycerin, Tea Tree Oil  Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Frankicense Essential Oils.


Charcoal Face Detox Mask

  • Koalin Clay - Gently cleanses (excellent alternative cleanser for those with sensitive skin), Highly absorbent to reduce oily skin, Purifies and detoxes the pores, removing dirt, grime, pollution, germs, etc. Soothes sensitive and easily irritable skin, Effective weekly acne treatment, Exfoliates skin and removes dead cells and flaky, dry skin Improves skin elasticity, and, Reduces skin irritations such as bug bites, rashes, poison ivy, and others


    Bentonite Clay - helps opens pores and deeply cleans out impurities. It helps removes excess sebum that causes overly oily skin. Great antibacterial properties of the clay help to speed the healing of acne, leaving skin wiith a healthy glow after application of this mask due to the increasing blood circulation properties to the skin.

    Activated charcoal powder - absorb dirt, oil, and toxins. 


    Besan - exfoliate dead skin, reduces oilness, helps treat acne

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